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September 08,2008 Director for UNI-Apro Finance and P&MS Activities Jayasri Priyalal Visits CTWU President Chang

Director for UNI-Apro Finance and P&MS Activities Jayasri Priyalal came to CTWU office to visit President Chang on September 8. He was invited to attend 15th anniversary of The National Federation of Bank Employees Union. Director Priyalal was keen on organizing outsourcing labors, encouraging young people to join the union and promoting labor education.

Around one hour talking with President Chang, Director Priyalal expressed his concerns and imagination about union development in the future. Those are some records about his statement.

There are a lot of jobs but no work. If we could not guarantee to put enough money into youth’s pocket, how could those energetic people input their efforts into social development?

Priyalal said that no work was real secure under the trend of globalization. If we could not provide work and let youth to earn enough money, they could not elaborate their power and creativities. If  this phenomenon comes true, it will be a significant lose to the society.

Unions must organize various kind of labors, including outsourcing, part-time, cashier and call center labors. The idea of considering full-time employees only has been outdated and got to be justified.

Priyalal mentioned that the power of union comes from members. Since the amount of full-time employees has been declining, union should apply every access to recruit each type of labors.

Supporting outsourcing labors to join unions is like moving the hunting game from zoo to jungle.

Priyalal referred that if unions cannot cooperate with outsourcing labors to expand its power, labors were similar to animals contained in the zoo and easily to be shot by the management. On contrary, recruiting outsourcing labors is like hunting in the jungle, management could not easily to aim specific objectives.

Union leader does not merely lead, but demonstrates the ability of leadership.

Priyalal pointed out that union leader should demonstrate the leadership to pass down his experiences and cultivate future successors.

Union young generation should improve their abilities in four areas, including leadership, communication, negotiation, and global vision.

Priyalal assumes that UNI-Apro designs a series of training courses for young union representatives, for the purpose to upgrade their abilities of leadership, communication and negotiation. Those courses could help them to well communicate with members, negotiate with management and being the leader for tomorrow. He looked forward to seeing more young representatives in Taiwan unions to accepting those training courses overseas to recognize that international union is their strong backup.

Studying history can expect the future form the past track. People should build bridges rather than great walls between each other.

The operation of union should be more flexible. Walls cannot defend but only bridges can connect two divided sides and reopen the dialogue.

Independent Union is based on a strong standpoint

President Chang said that CTWU has detected the problem of outsourcing and passed the resolution to recruit CHT outsourcing people into CTWU in Annual Representative Conference in the past March. President Chang added that if CHT could not protect outsourcing labors’ right, it is regarded as an accessory to the outsourcing company and impact its CSR reputation.

Priyalal approved that CTWU insists on the way of being an independent union. He further illustrated that an independent union should not relay on political parties, but must have its strong standpoint.